Our mission statement

1. Successful Partnership
The operation of railways is highly complex: Constantly changing legal framework conditions and requirements in order to achieve road safety, need qualified railway personnel at all levels, who receive regular training and development. With us as a partner, you will have access to competent contact persons for all railway-relevant areas that identify with your company, as well as active participation in achieving success for your company. Our employees work in the best interest of our clients and actively address issues or opportunities for improvement. It is our goal that our clients achieve success!

2. We are satisfied when yu are satisfied
We strive for long-term customer relationships and cooperation, and customer satisfaction is our priority. All our employees are committed to this goal. Our company conducts regular customer feedback surveys to evaluate your satisfaction. At any time of dissatisfaction, please inform us immediately.

3. Efficiency and economy
Our employees are encouraged to use all resources made available to them as sustainably and efficiently as possible. As a company, we know that you are in a very price-sensitive market. Therefore, we are your partner for efficient and sustainable solutions.

4. Employee Interaction
Satisfied employees are just as important as satisfied customers. We attach great importance to working in partnership with open communication. We offer a family-friendly environment, flat hierarchies and a committed, sympathetic team. Our employees are characterised by team spirit, extraordinary commitment and a passion for the railways, as well as by the diversity of their personalities: Various fields of expertise, mindsets, backgrounds and experiences paint a colorful picture. Anyone who is motivated to contribute to the success of our company is welcome!

The satisfaction of our employees is also reflected in our regular employee surveys: Over 90% of all employees are either satisfied or very satisfied and would choose to work for us again. [Employee Survey June 2016]

5. Environmental protection and sustainability
The railway is one of the most environmentally friendly means of transport. We actively contribute to make this system even more environmentally friendly: Ecological thinking and action is an integral part of our corporate culture. Our environmental protection officer welcomes suggestions for improvement from employees and customers at any time, reviews them for possible implementation and, if possible, puts these suggestions into place. Sustainable, greener solutions are preferable for all in-house decisions.